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SAMSKAR - THE LIFE SCHOOL ... For Education . Ethics . Ethnicity The concept of education has evolved distinctly from what it was in the ancient times. The shade of banyan tree (which meant a school then) is today replaced by high rise buildings with sophisticated technology driven tools. Yet, however the minds of the children then were far sharper than as compared to today. What was that element which is outweighing the friendly and scientifically designed curriculum of today? This is the question on which the foundation of SAMSKAR - THE LIFE SCHOOL is built. Samskar – The Life School: Inculcating Conceptual Understanding, & Application Oriented Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Educational Setup via Pragmatic Experiential Learning Methodology. Unlike the ancient scholars who believed that knowledge bred humility, wisdom in the modern paradigm breeds arrogance. SAMSKAR (Ethics + Ethnicity) sets the balance of quality education at equilibrium with the scientifically designed curriculum of today. Restructuring morals, values, traditions & culture in the educational setup doesn’t require any law; its connection with technology drives the vehicle of human life. Equalizing Ethics, Ethnicity & Education, Samskar – The Life School blends ancient wisdom with modern technologies. Mohana Vamsi, CEO, Samskar, proclaims, “At the end of the day, the holistic development of the child is what makes him/her successful. Life skills are imperative as they make the person a social & practical scholar, thus leading them to achieve success in life”.

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