KOOSH ( Kids Out Of Schoo
Koosh Club

KOOSH CLUB, a Kids Out Of School Hobby Activity Club, to provide an opportunity to elementary and secondary level school kids to learn LIFE SKILLS and EXTRA CURRICULAR SKILLS which are not specifically taught in traditional school education.A child's education does not take place only in the classroom, during regular school Hobby. The home, the playground, and the school campus in general can all be invaluable settings for a child's personal and scholastic growth. One way to enhance a student's school experience is through extracurricular activities such as clubs. At the elementary school level, some appropriate, enjoyable, and educationally beneficial themes.KOOSH ( Kids Out Of School Hobby ) CLUB will have many psychological and social benefits in children in an After School setting. It promotes a sense of belonging in children and provides an environment where children thrive personally and socially. Children can build social relationships by working in a group and develop positive and meaningful relationships with their peers and Staff Members.“The Concept of ‘full-fledged after school hour KIDS CLUBS’ is quite new and thus KOOHS CLUB intends to facilitate by providing innovative, qualitative service”.Currently there are very few such after school hour activity clubs operating in the city in a scanty scale. Also, majority of such activity clubs focusing on specific hobby skills such as Music, Dance, Karate etc. and NOT on the concept of overall development of life skills in kids.1. Meditation and Yoga ( Learn Yoga for body and mind )2. Language Lab ( learn foreign languages )3. Photography ( Learn photography)4. Journalism ( Put together a monthly news letter of the colony )5. Arts ( Drawing, Painting, Sculpturing, Cartooning )6. Dance ( Classical / Western Dance )7. Books ( Reading, Discussion and Write Book Reviews )8. Music ( Instrumental / Vocal ; Classical / Light Music)9. Science (Learn practical science experiments)10. Mental Math ( Learn Abacus, Vedic Math)11. Robotics ( Learn Robotics )12. Green Club ( Bring Awareness on the Eco friendliness in the society )13. Social Service Club14. Sport Club ( Chess, Caroms, Board Games, Table Tennis) ...