Our Story

The concept of education has evolved distinctly from what it was in the ancient times. The shade of banyan tree (which meant a school then) is today replaced by high rise buildings with sophisticated technology driven tools. Yet, however the minds of the children then were far sharper than as compared to today. What was that element which is outweighing the friendly and scientifically designed curriculum of today? This is the question on which the foundation of Samskar School is built. Our idea of education is not only to provide education but to impart knowledge. We have gone to great depths to increase the breadth of understanding the child. Our research initiatives are a testimony to our continuous commitment towards building a healthy atmosphere for the child’s learning.

Why Samskar - The Life School

• "International Quality Award" 2016, for Excellence in Early Childhood Education, from BrandsImpact. • "Indian Achievers Award" 2016 for Education Excellence for outstanding achievement in Education & Social Service, from Indian Achievers Forum. • "Pride of Indian Education Award" 2016 for Fastest Growing School for Innovation Early Childhood Education (South India), from BrandsImpact. • "Global Education Excellence Award" 2017 for Best Emerging Private School in Hyderabad., from Prime Time. • "The Torch Bearer Award" 2019 for Excellence in Education, from "Your Baby Can , India & USA"

Our Faculty

Our staff has been carefully earmarked and selectively chosen to ensure that your child’s education is in best of the best hands. Our staff delivers knowledge in a participative and supporting environment to ascertain that every child is on the same phase of the learning curve. We nurture your child not only as teachers but also as mentors to develop them both academically and emotionally.

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